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Pistou Land In English Please

Hello! Today I invite you to discover Pistou Land, created by Pauline and her husband a few years ago.
The plantations are raised in organic farming and are located in Claviers in the VAR.

The story begins with the meeting of Pauline at the farm of the Establerie in Callian, at the resale shop of the products of François Rebuffel, an exceptional farmer, in love with his profession, the land and the traditions.
We sympathize, we give each other nicknames, we discuss our dreams and our hopes for the evolution of society to ensure a pleasant future for our children.
Pauline said to me one day:
Stef, we've made up our minds, we're going to stand on our own feet, it's in preparation ...
Some time later, I discover that his dream had become his reality, Pistou Land was born!
In its early days, basil was king, then comes a queen with sundried tomatoes, and finally a brand new prince with cilantro ...
Basil pesto prepared with love, soon a Tomapic (dried tomatoes pesto) which will be born as well as a coriander pesto ... I long to taste the newcomers ... the basil pesto is already excellent!
Their knowledge comes from the farm Le Jardin d'Ella, which for 10 years trained them and which today has passed the torch to them.
I wish Pistou Land a long life, prosperity and happiness, as well as to Pauline and her husband, who do exemplary and meticulous work on a daily basis.
I am proud and honored that Pauline trusts me and especially that I can consider myself as her friend!
I invite you to go and meet them, to observe how the plants are raised and cared for with love. And when you taste their products, you will know why I wanted to represent Pistou Land.
Pauline, thank you again for your meticulous work and your passion for the terroir, simple food or so GOOD!
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