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Maison Bovis In English Please

Today, Flaveurs Culinaires presents you the gourmet nuggets of Maison Bovis located in Spéracédès, a small village perched in the Alpes Maritimes. Cassandra, the chef, is very attentive to the use of local products, such as Saint Cezaire honey and menton lemon for her mega madeleine, delicious as it is and extra good the next day lightly toasted! What about his barbajuans and his chard pie ... MIAM!
In fact, Cassandra prepares all of her savory and / or sweet treats, with a lot of LOVE!

How did I meet Cassandra?
Flaveurs Culinaires honors local producers whenever possible, to represent their values ​​of authenticity, their know-how and their very, very good products! I am always looking for different and delicious products ...
During a discussion I heard someone speak in glowing terms about the barbajuans of Maison Bovis. The barbajuans, a Monegasque specialty, a mini donut with a fine paste, stuffed with chard, rice, garlic, parsley, and Emmental ... a pleasure to be enjoyed both cold and hot. .I prefer just a few minutes warmed up in a pan ... a delight with a salad, simple and so good!
Cassandra lovingly prepares her madeleines with lemon of chin and Saint Cézaire honey, her cookies with brown cane sugar, her sweet or savory chard pies, her rose meringues ... She creates all her delicacies with her heart. .
Flaveurs Culinaires has selected for you the salty chard pie, barbajuans, chocolate cookies and mega madeleines with lemon from Menton, which you can find at the Tignet market every Wednesday morning from 8 am to 1 pm, in the Les Halles car park. du Tignet, route de Draguignan, at Tignet.
Many and many come and discover the delicious delicacies of Maison Bovis and other surprises ... I will be happy to make you taste the excellent products made by Maison Bovis ... a sure bet!
Thanks Cassandra!
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