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Lady's Jam In English Please

The story of Lady's Jam and Flaveurs Culinaires began a few months ago at the Halles du Tignet. Isabelle Canadas is an extraordinary woman of generosity, benevolence, and kindness.

After a few hours of discussion on our common passion, the land and respect for Nature, the moment for tasting had arrived! What delights !! I will tell you about it later, because I really want to honor this amazing  woman, with a beautiful radiant energy, a communicative smile, eyes filled with hope for future generations, and great humility.

Isabelle is the daughter of restaurateurs/chefs, passionate about taste, she is looking for new things. However she has in her range of products, a multitude of sure values ​​!!! Being gluten and lactose intolerant, her products reflect her image. She chooses her vegetables, her fruits from local producers, organic and / or reasoned agriculture, having at heart to respect Nature and their environment. A secret: her products are to be consumed every day because they are so good !!!

What delicacies will I start with ??? It's easy…
The dark chocolate spread, a delight at any time of the day (just a nice spoonful on the fly), the white chocolate spread with raspberries, superb on pancakes.
Then come the jams ... Isabelle is a creator of taste, while respecting the seasons: Confiture of Pear type Belle Hélène, a delight, Kiwis with  ginger, rum arranged with banana ...
Let's move on to jellies, vegetable jams, and chutneys:
Refreshing mint jelly, crunchy almond jelly ...
Zucchini with lemon, beetroot with blueberries, clever associations that will surprise you with their harmony and what to say about its peppers with saffron and pepper.
She also produces fabulous ketchups and old-fashioned mustards.
Isabelle surprises me all the time with her creativity and especially the authentic taste of her products.
I will not put a photo of Isabelle because she is shy ... soon I hope you will meet her, while waiting for this moment, Flaveurs Culinaires will be happy to make you taste  her products and thus part of Isabelle ... her love for the land.
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