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Domaine Humbrecht In English Please

After an exceptional stay with the Schreiber in Courteron, and a short night, I continue my journey to Alsace and the Paul Humbrecht estate, lovingly managed by Marc, the 13th generation. The Humbrecht estate in Pfaffenheim was voted the 2nd favorite farm of the French in 2020. Currently, Marc Humbrecht, from the thirteenth generation, runs the estate, assisted by his wife Susel.

He is committed to developing the finesse of his wines, originality and quality, while seeking the well-being of his vines. Respect for people, the environment and everyone's health are these priorities. And all these values ​​and more are found when you taste his wines, I assure you.

After a few hours on the road, I am welcomed at the Humbrecht's. Marc walks towards me. Our two accents can be understood even if they are very different! Alsace and Languedoc, you can imagine ... I also meet his very welcoming wife Susel and his smiling son Siméon.
Marc invites me to discover his wines through a tasting. He presents me his riesling, his gewurztraminer, his intriguing pinot noir rosé, an Edelzwicker "Mélodie" a whole symphony on the taste buds, his Steiner grand crus ... then he deposits a bottle whose cuvée name is Anne Marie. And there an emotion surprises me, a tear is created. I taste this wine and the emotion overwhelms me. I cry tears yet my heart is warming. Wishing to understand my reaction, I ask him the question to find out who Anne Marie is. He answers me:
It is my mother
I understand then that all the emotion of a son's love for his mother is found in this so special cuvée, and that its nectar has transmitted this magnificent emotion.
I then meet physically, Annie, her mother, advisor in the Kousmine method who manages a superb lodging that I recommend, as well as a place dedicated to well-being (indoor swimming pool, sauna ...). The whole family is humble, caring, welcoming. I settle in my room, then Marc offers to visit his estate. Here we are with his son.
Marc has been working biodynamically since 1999. He tells me about his vines, his terroir, the machines he likes to adapt so that men's work is lightened. He shows me the nesting boxes for birds, insects, the fruit trees he has planted, the work of the soil to make it live ... I feel in harmony with this Nature which offers us so much beauty. He suggests that I go for a walk towards the Schauenberg site, and go to the Table Des Druides ... After a lunch at the foot of exceptional trees and a soothing silence, I start to walk. Some messages on the way indicate to me that it is necessary and essential to listen, to observe, and to respect Nature. A sign "Vineyards and spirituality" shows me the way. After an ascent, I arrive at the Table des Druides. A place filled with spirituality, strength, silence, and appeasement. After a meditation lying in the leaves, I meet Martine and we begin to exchange. She tells me her dreams, her wishes, her hopes. His grandparents were also farmers and passed on to him the authentic values ​​as well as farmland with fruit trees. In addition, she cultivates a large garden herself with good organic vegetables. A benevolent being who has a cottage called "Au Jardin de mon Enfance" in Luttenbach. I want to give her a wink and wish him the best.
I return to the Humbrecht's lodge, where I take some personal time to take care of myself, swim and do a sauna. Then, Marc offers me an aperitif which allows us to further discuss his respectful values. We do not see the time passing. The history of the estate is fascinating, enriching, heartwarming. The wine is so delicious that I take more than 2 hours in silence to taste it.
The next day, after a magnificent breakfast buffet prepared with care by Annie, and before leaving, I select a few cuvées, of course! As a priority I choose for my mother, that of Anne Marie, I long to let her taste it. All these vintages are balanced, Marc offers me a few more bottles including the one named "A day of happiness" in tribute to a day of harvesting with his friends, as well as his 100% Chasselas grape juice, 100% sulphite free, 100 % happiness. While waiting for him to prepare the boxes, I read a message at the entrance to the vinification:
When you enter this place, we thank you for not uttering disparaging words or swear words, so as not to disturb the energy of this wine-making space.
Yes I understand the message, because words and thoughts are a very special energy. It is our duty to realize that a word or thought can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Through the tasting, I was able to realize this fabulous spirituality, this love and this delicacy. I was able to feel Marc's love for his vines, his work, his terroir, his environment, Nature, the humans who work there, his family and his friends. In fact, Mark told me that all the bottles are blessed by a priest. I understand even better.
I thank Marc for his welcome as well as the one of his wife, his mother, his father and Simeon, his smiling little man. I am honored by his confidence and very happy to represent the Humbrecht estate and its generous wines created with kindness and love in the Alpes Maritimes and Monaco regions.
For those who do not drink alcohol, I also recommend its grape juice which tastes like a wonderful gewurztraminer, very surprising and excellent!
For those who wish, I advise you to spend a few restful days filled with spirituality in Alsace. Go and meet Marc, you will have an exceptional time. He is a goldsmith of wine!
A big thank-you! and see you soon!
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