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Maison Bondil In English Please

Today I bring you to the discovery of Maison Bondil, which is located in Moustiers Sainte Marie, to meet Pierre, Baptiste and Yarmila, and their gourmet creations.

The story of Maison Bondil and Flaveurs Culinaires begins with a dialogue with Marie Girard, who with her husband are young market gardeners in Châteauvieux. I would like to thank Marie who advised me to contact Maison Bondil in Moustiers Sainte Marie.
I recommend their vegetables in return because they are market gardening respectful of the environment, all cultivated in their garden of castéou vielh:

After our discussion, I therefore decided to call Maison Bondil to make an appointment. Yarmila answered me warmly and a few days later, I hit the road to meet them. After 2 hours of driving, at the bend of a bend, I found myself on a bridge and there I had an exceptional gift: the lake of Sainte Croix and its radiant bluish color! I of course stopped to admire this marvelous landscape in the silence.
I took the road a few moments later, and again after a few minutes, the village of Moustiers offered me a splendid view. A village housed in the hollow of a mountain, a waterfall on its heights, stone houses, inhabitants with smiling eyes (yes the mask was required, but that does not prevent a smile!).
A few alleys further on, I arrive in front of the storefront of Maison Bondil and there, I am speechless ...
Sausages, hams, terrines, and so on, all the generosity of this family which for 5 generations has been working with local producers and breeders respectful of the environment, to transform and create the products that we all find in the region. last century.
I was greeted by Baptiste's wife, Yarmila, who warmly and confidently offered to show me around the back stage, their deli maturing cellar, their production laboratory (tapenade being prepared by the way. !) ...
She tells me their family history, makes me discover their way of cooking, the patience and the time it takes to taste an excellent sausage ... yes patience and time ... they take the time ...
Then it's time for tasting, I don't know what to choose, everything looks good to me. I choose their pâté en croute, a delight, their specialty of pepper sausage pavé as well as several tapas including the vegetable grill ... surprising ...
It took me just a few products to understand their values ​​and the generosity of their way of working.
Go visit Moustiers Sainte Marie, stop by Maison Bondil, try to choose the products that attract you, stop by the shores of Lake Sainte Croix, and have a wonderful time with your family ... wish ... I was alone last time, next time my family and friends are scheduled ... who is coming with me?
I would like to thank Maison Bondil for their welcome and their confidence in representing them (which is very easy given the quality of all their products), a big thank you to Yarmila for the visit, to Baptiste who was very busy that day. but he took the time to smile at me and tell me about the refining of their specialty (the paving stone). I also had the chance to meet his father Pierre, with a benevolent gaze, knowing that his son is taking over from him ... A big THANK YOU!
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