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La Ferme de L'Escaillon In English Please

Today, Flaveurs Culinaires takes you to discover the Escallion farm in Andon-Thorenc.
Authenticity, respect and humility, 3 words that come to mind to describe Fabienne Varronne.
Kindness, generosity, benevolence are the 3 words that come to me to describe her husband Dominique.
Welcome to the farm!!
Flaveurs Culinaires often find its partners on a stroke of heart, an intuition, a feeling and sometimes, concerning the Escallion farm, thanks to people like Christine Scognamiglio, whom I would like to thank warmly for having advised me to go meet Fabienne.
The farm is located in a corner of the mountain, the Cime de Bausson overlooking the farm, so that a cheese is dedicated to it!
At the farm you will find a breeding of Aubrac breed cows for the meat and Abondance for the milk, Southern Pre-Alps sheep, backyard broilers and layers with a pork butcher's workshop at 1000 meters above sea level surrounded of forests and meadows.
A very beautiful place in the high country of Grasse that I invite you to discover, since you can also stay on the farm thanks to their gîte. So you will tell me what are the specialties? There are many ... Personally I love yoghurts, which thanks to the milk of the cows abundance are very creamy ... the chocolate one is a joy!
Then the tomes like the Cime de Bausson, a cheese with a little Gruyère taste towards the end of the mouth, or the tome de l'Escaillon, a cheese with character and yet so delicate accompanied by a good wine (A red Carabènes du Nouveau Monde or a dry Jurançon from Domaine de Souch). There is also the Escaillon round, a cream cheese, soft and melting in the mouth. And the famous Saint Nicholas, a taste of Saint Nectaire, named in honor of the Varonne's son, Nicholas.
The farm is full of products, such as reserve meat packages, traditional pâtés, cold cuts, including an exceptional figatelli. The recipe was given to them by a Corsican who lives near their home and who wanted the traditional recipe to continue ... It is in good hands.
The Varonne family is also very supportive of other local producers, so you can also find honey from Eric Coquelet, and apple juice from Serge and Lillians Lions in 05.
I am very happy with Fabienne's confidence and I thank her. I strongly advise you to go and meet her as well as that of her husband. If you want to discover the farm products, contact me I will be happy to let you taste them!
See you soon!
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