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In English Please!For my friends overseas!

Dernière mise à jour : 8 juil. 2021

Hello my friends from all around the world...I have decided to share with you my articles in english!! Stay tuned to read every week a new article which will describe one of my job: the passion of the French Terroir and all the golden nuggets of many...

Today, i ll start with my friends from the domaine du Nouveau Monde, south of France, near Béziers. I ll hope you will enjoy reading these stories and i hope one day i ll be able to drive you all around to discover in person the champagne, red and pink (rosé) wine, organic cheese from farms, beers made with honey...and so many more good food and drinks

Enjoy reading...LOVE to you all!

Today: Le domaine du Nouveau Monde, domaine of the New World

The story of Flaveurs Culinaires begins with Anne Laure and Sébastien Borras from Domaine Du Nouveau Monde in Vendres, near Valras, in the south of France.Once upon a time there was a tennis teacher who had Sébastien as a player. He came to let off steam after a day of hard work in the vineyards.I then asked him what was his reason for spending what little energy he had left playing tennis. He would answer me every time that he took pleasure in experiencing the emotions he felt when he was running, from side to side, from the baseline and then coming to the net, hitting the ball ... He loved the game, and he wanted to share efforts with his training colleagues.

That year, I tasted his wine for the first time."Try Carabènes Stef, it is a wine that does not look impressive, but it is good"Always this humility the Seb! Indeed, the Carabènes is very very good!100% Syrah, 100% pleasure!15 years later, I would like to thank Anne-Laure, his wife and Sébastien, who offered and gave me their confidence to represent their domaine in the PACA region. After 3 years in organic farming conversion, concerned about their environment, and continuing their work respectful of nature, their 1st organic vintage 2020 was born! Immediately born and soon awarded an organic vintage ... Silver medal for the Carabènes red and Bronze medal for the Fandango rosé.The Carabènes, a red wine that can be shared with friends, during a picnic on the beach, a barbecue ... a simple and delicate emotion to feel good!The Fandango, well this Fandango, which for me is reminiscent of a beautiful summer night, when the sun goes down and the freshness of the night gradually cools down our skins ... this rosé warms our hearts, from the warmth of its grape variety, a 100% Grenache, 100% emotion.The Nouveau Monde estate also has other surprises, other authentic wines, such as their vibrant Sansouire (Chardonnay and Vermentino), for a light meal start, oras an accompaniment to grilled fish it titillates the taste buds, or even their Estanquier (a blend of Syrah and Mourvèdre) a red wine that my son-in-law adores because even if it may be shy at first, then it shows his character. You can also discover the Gabriel Emile (85% Mourvèdre), a magnificent tribute to the heritage of the grandparents ... I won't tell you more ... I keep a little mystery about their other cuvées.I suggest you contact me to taste these nuggets or even better if you are around Vendres route du Chichoulet, meet Anne-Laure and Sébastien ... They will be happy to share their wines with you. ..Tell them you come to the behalf of Flaveurs Culinaires and Steph.This will be a way for you and me to help them in this delicate period. And in addition i can assure you that you will really appreciate their nectars!To conclude this 1st article, I reiterate my thanks to Anne-Laure and Sébastien, because thanks to their New World, I discovered a World Anew.
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