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Domaine De Souch in English Please !

Today, I take you to Domaine de Souch at the home of the legendary Mme Yvonne Hégoburu and her son Jean René, in the south west of France, in Laroin, near Pau.
Let's go back to the beginning of the story between Domaine de Souch and Flaveurs Culinaires. A few years ago, I met Christel, a member of the Wine Tasting Club of Sophia Antipolis. Last year, wishing to give her and her husband a taste of the red wines of the Domaine du Nouveau Monde, I also brought them cheese from the Ferme de Peone from Valberg ... They discovered the New World and this One day with them, I discovered thanks to them, and I thank them, a new world, the Domaine de Souch and their cuvée Marie Kattalin. Just a sip was enough for me to fall in love. What aromas, what sweet taste, what freshness, what lightness and yet a magnificent length in the mouth which transports me to their history and calls out to me. The same evening, I inquire… I read an article which describes that the soils are enriched by silica, nettle, horsetail, yarrow, that the vinification is the least interventionist possible leaving Mother Nature do its work.The next day, I decided to contact the Domaine de Souch. On the phone, I talk to the cellar master, Emmanuel Jecker, and I explain my love at first sight, my Culinary Flavors project ... 
He said:
I'm going to talk to Mr Hégoburu about it.
A few days later, after sending my CV and a message explaining my wish and my motivation to represent winegrowers working in organic and or biodynamic farming, Mr Hégoburu contacted me again, asked me questions. I respond with my heart and I talk to her about my values ​​similar to hers, about the education that my grandmother and my mother and my ancestors before her, instilled in me ... this respect for the land, this respect for the vineyard and the men who work there, and this passion that inhabits me to meet these men and women who offer exceptional wines, wines of emotion, ultimately my desire to discover these wonders.
He then offered me his confidence to represent the Domaine de Souch in the Rhône department (69). I am moved and I thank him again for his trust.
For other southern departments, contact Mr Alexandre Pons, come on behalf of Stéphanie from Flaveurs Culinaires, he will be delighted to introduce you to the wines of this estate. For my friends living in the Rhône, I am at your disposal to make you taste these wines steeped in history and tradition.
In this perspective, I have to present to you Mrs Yvonne Hégoburu, who thanks to her character, thanks to her love for this land, thanks to her very simple philosophy and which nevertheless is so essential since the beginning of her adventure, explains everything to us. simply that to obtain a wine of emotion it is necessary to:
Replacing chemistry with humans to make grapes happy
I can assure you that you will understand what she means by tasting her cuvées, composed of Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and sometimes Petit Courbu ... harvested by hand. A dry and mellow Montplaisir cuvée, an Antoine cuvée (which I can't wait to taste), the fabulous Marie Kattalin cuvée and an exceptional Vendanges Tardives ... so many cuvées which are pure moments of happiness to share with friends. s ... There are many food and wine pairings depending on the choice of wine, from cold cuts to cheese and fruity desserts.
Mme Yvonne Hégoburu offers you the best of Jurançon.
A big THANK YOU to this caring lady, filled with passion and energy.

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