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Champagne Schreiber In English Please

Today, I invite you to discover the champagne of Mr Erick Schreiber, in Courteron. Owner harvester who cultivates his vineyard without fertilizer in biodynamics.

A few months ago, my friends from the Nouveau Monde estate advised me to look for a champagne producer because it is the nectar of excellence to have on your menu.
In the same way that I discovered Château Mille Roses et David, an intuition guided me when I found Erick's contact details. I inquired, I noticed his photos on the menhirs, I appreciated his approach to nature and biodynamics that he has been practicing since 1990. Our telephone interview developed my curiosity. I therefore suggested that he cross France to meet him.

A few months later, here I am in Courteron, the Seine beside me, I wait patiently for his arrival in my car parked on the sidewalk. I see him in the distance, he gets closer, he gives off a radiant energy, this terroir side, frank, honest, benevolent and so generous. Yes generous, because even knowing me only by voice, he offered me food and shelter for 2 days. I thus had the honor of meeting his son as well as his wife, Léa, a wonderful kinesiologist whom I advise you. But Léa is also a special being, radiant with kindness and benevolence. I thank them again for their welcome, their support, their precious advice on my sales agency and all the knowledge they shared with me.
Now I want to share with you the fruits of Erick's daily labor. Since 1987 and planting his first vineyard, Erick has worked with respect for nature. He documented, inquired, studied. He switched to biodynamics in 1990. He is an owner harvesting 6.5 hectares of vines. I advise you to reserve your bottles now because only some lucky and lucky will be able to taste its different vintages. (35,000 bottles)

After a day spent discovering its vines, after having smelled and touched the earth, observed the first buds, then a more theoretical part with the explanation, in essence, of biodynamics, in the evening, it is time for the tasting of its cuvées. I admit, as the tasting progressed, I realized that I had never drunk real champagne. The emotions, sip after sip, were different, and yet a common thread was revealed before my eyes: the link between the soil, the plant and the stars is very real and these divine nectars are the proof.

From its Brut Tradition cuvée, perfect at any time of the day, via the Grande Réserve cuvée, the heart of the terroir, a marvel for an aperitif dinner, then its extra brut which will sublimate your moments of joy ... say no more ... if finally I add:
Its Brut Rosé cuvée. A favorite! My favorite!
There is also the Astral cuvée without added sulfur, an exceptional cuvée which expresses the original purity of the grape, demonstrating great verticality with matter, as well as the Blanc de Gris cuvée, a great new and harmonious champagne, combining finesse. , elegance, power and complexity. Wonderful…
The grape varieties, pinot noir, chardonnay, pinot meunier, pinot gris express all their beauty, strength and finesse, because the soil is respected through biodynamics which consists in multiplying life, micro-organisms living in the soil.
This philosophy forms the basis of Erick's work. This is what guides him on a daily basis to produce natural and quality champagne, while respecting his environment. In fact, I know why my favorite cuvée is rosé, because it is the one that best describes for me, all in humility, all sweetness, all the love that Erick brings to his vineyard, the attention that he brings to each vine of his vines, the benevolence he offers to nature.
There are many pairings between champagnes and dishes, although you can taste Schreiber champagnes at any time, for every event. For example:
the Rosé with shellfish, the Grande Réserve for a lunch on the grass, a buffet, the Prestige vintage or the Blanc de Blanc to take the time to let yourself be charmed by finesse, elegance and smoothness.
In any case, for all your events, from baptism to birthday, for a romantic evening, for a wedding, the various Schreiber champagnes offer you their best, and thanks to them you will also have an unforgettable moment.
Thank you Erick ... see you soon!

PS: Erick, I thank you again for your advice, your kindness and the essential lesson: the RESPECT of Nature
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