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La Ferme de La Barrière In English Please

Today, I bring you to meet Jean Pierre Thimoléon and his Ferme de la Barrière. Jean Pierre manages with a firm  and very attentive hand his 600 ewes which graze in the canton of Fayence, in Valderoure in autumn / winter and in the pastures in Beuil (06) during the spring and the summer. He is a breeder and producer who practices extensive breeding, which means that the ewes and lambs are raised outdoors, fed on grass without any food supplement.

About ten years ago, when I arrived in the Alpes Maritimes region, with values ​​of love for the land transmitted by my mother and my grandmother, I traveled the roads to find local producers, respectful of their environment and their animals. And I met Jean Pierre ... after many discussions on current society and the place of meat in our daily diet, a relationship of trust was established between us, and Jean Pierre reassured me on the notion that overconsumption and intensive breeding to the detriment of animal welfare were harmful to all of us, and to all of us, the “consumer actors”.
Last year, we agreed to create a partnership between the Ferme de la Barrière and Flaveurs Culinaires.
Everyone has the right to choose their food, but Jean Pierre has a lot of respect for his ewes and his lambs, he takes care of them all year round, leaves them in pasture and in the pastures, every year he transhumances. When he has to detach himself from his lambs, he does so, because it is his job, because he has lived from it for years, and his family also for much longer. With him the notion of respect prevails.

More than 20 years ago, Jean Pierre decided to create a cutting workshop for direct sales:
To him the short circuit seemed to be obvious.
He also prepares sausages and merguez there.
A peasant stall was created 4 years ago, where you can also find local products, wines recommended by Flaveurs Culinaires, excellent ketchup from Lady's Jam, flour from Sandrine in Valderoure, honey from Tanneron , olive oil from Château de Selves as well as wines presented by Flaveurs Culinaires, those from the Val d'Iris estate, and you will also find there fresh eggs from his chickens. A wellness area is offered by Aurélie Abondance.
Because Jean Pierre is in solidarity with his fellow producers / winegrowers / creators and wishes to help them too!
I advise you to come and meet Jean Pierre, who is a trustworthy, humble man, filled with respect and passion for his profession. For those who like to eat lamb meat, I assure you that you will feel a big difference.
For those who can no longer eat them because you are sickened by the way animals are treated, I understand you and I am not trying to convert you ... just one wish: let's just be more tolerant with the breeders who live off this demanding profession, and who work as before, respecting their animals, and who only produce what is necessary to make a decent living from them.
Thank you for reading this article.
I also thank Jean Pierre, for his experience, his confidence and his respect for family traditions.
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