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Château Mille Roses In English Please

Hello, today I present to you the Château Mille Roses, managed by Sophie and David Faure ... the Haut Médoc vineyard is made up of 4 plots around the castle in the town of Macau. The vines are located between two classified Grands Crus: Château Giscours and Château Cantemerle. They also produce in the AOC Margaux terroirs on a large plot of 4 hectares, close to the vines of Château Giscours, Château Monbrison and Château d'Angludet, on the Arsac plateau, the southern fringe of the Margaux vineyard.

The partnership between Château Mille Roses and Flaveurs Culinaires begins with a crush, a singular crush for a story filled with emotion, respect for nature and for generations to come.
One morning, when I get up, I think back to my younger days's best wine, a  wine from Haut Médoc. But that morning, I knew that something special was going to happen ...
So I start looking for a field in Organic Agriculture. I didn't necessarily want a known domain, because we all know that:
Unknown terroirs sometimes produce great wines.
Trusting my intuition, I tap on my computer keyboard and there ... I see ... Château Mille Roses, a whole poem, a whole sensitivity, already to begin with, through the name. I get information, I read the articles, I am touched by their decision to convert their vines to Organic Agriculture from 2010. A shared desire to work with greater respect for nature but also for the future of their new generation, Jean, Marie and Suzanne, their 3 children.
I decide to call David. From our first conversation, a respectful bond is established, I trust my intuition when I listen to him talk about his field. Initially, just half a hectare, today more than 10!
I explain to him that his way of raising the vines and the respect for nature as well as the terroir, allows me to guess that his wines must be good. Well I was wrong, because after a 1st order tasted with the family ...
I can say that for me, his wines are EXCELLENT!
These are wines of character, balanced which will reveal all their aromatic richness, their power, their freshness, and also their finesse, to those who taste them!
On a gravelly sandy soil, the mixture of rolled pebbles and sands left by the retreat of the glaciers during the Quaternary era, the cabernet sauvignon grape varieties (tannic structure in wines, merlot (the fruit and roundness) and petit verdot ( a "homemade" grape variety which gives color and acidity) come together harmoniously.
The terroir is an integral part of the identity of their wines, but their cellars allow them to be revealed, rounded off and given them a refined structure. As David says:
Long live the fruit! Mille Roses must come from the fruit, express it with strength and finesse thanks to our gravel terroir, but keep a reasonable distance from the wood, however noble it may be ... Stabilize, round, reveal a wine of fruit and character and ensure that the wood never dominates.
I strongly advise you to discover their philosophy through the tasting of their wines: An AOC Margaux, an AOC Haut Médoc, and an AOC Haut Médoc "L'Enfant" named in honor of the one who was soon to be born ...
I remain at your disposal in the Alpes Maritimes and Monaco to share with you a moment of pleasure and discovery.
I would like to thank David and Sophie for their trust as well as for their daily work, their passion and their respect for their land.
If you are taking the Bordeaux wine route, stop in Macau en Médoc, go and meet them, a great moment of sharing in perspective!
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