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Château de Stony in English Please

Today, I am going with you to meet Frédéric and Lydie Nodet, from the Château de Stony, their vines are on the road from balaruc la peyrade to Frontignan and are raised in organic farming.

The history of Stony Castle is a family story, which dates back to the 19th century. And the meeting between Flaveurs Culinaires and Château de Stony is also a family affair. It is thanks to one of my loving families that I took the step of contacting Lydie Nodet because I remember ... once upon a time ...

When I was a teenager, living in Frontignan, I took my bike to share beautiful moments of friendship with Elsa, Jessica and Christina Gonzales, and their parents Yvette and Jean Marie. This family has become a family of heart, and the 3 daughters have become my sisters of heart. I wish here and now to thank them for their affection over the years and assure them of mine.
I still remember when I passed by the road between the vines, according to the seasons I admired the buds, the leaves, the bunches of grapes that formed, I pedaled while breathing this very special air during the harvest, and I passed and I walked back past Stony Castle.
When Flaveurs Culinaires was created, it was obvious to me to offer them the opportunity to highlight their daily work, through tastings of their various wines. In fact, reading their history in detail, their values ​​respectful of the environment, of their land, my heart already knew that their muscats would be excellent. However my heart did not know that there would be very many others beautiful surprises.
What a beautiful terroir, what a beautiful energy in their muscats and also red and rosé wines! And yes what a surprise, in Frontignan, the Château de Stony is different because it grows with love not only grape varieties producing sweet and also dry white wines, or also red wines of exceptional quality, as well as a light gold rosé. so aromatic, and so delicious.

Another surprise and this one of size! When I went to meet them, I was greeted by their workhorse Mezenc. What a force of nature and yet it is so welcoming. I also admired the old plowing machines, and the "Folies du Languedoc" building which dates from 1866.
Then Lydie made me discover their cellar by making me taste their muscats and also their fabulous red wines and also the famous rosé "Pétale de Ciste". I realized then that I had passed their estate over and over again without discovering the heart and essence of their meticulous work, this daily work to convey the message of the land, their grape varieties and their vinification and who has earned them many international recognitions. (Wine & Barrel Alliances du Monde competition, Vintage Bio, Selection of the Hachette des Vins Guide, Muscats du Monde competition ...) However the Nodet family is modest and humble, and their personality is reflected in their wines, I advise you to taste them in silence, discover them slowly, and enjoy the length in the mouth of all the aromas that the terroir and the sun bring to the soil, to the vines and to the grapes throughout the seasons.
Don't wait 30 years! I recommend it to you! Go and discover their marvels of wines!
Come from Stéphanie from Flaveurs Culinaires, Lydie will be happy to explain in more detail the mysteries of their muscats and their wines.

For my part, I liked them all! However, there are several who have created a delicate emotion to explain and express ... in fact I had tears in my eyes:
The Nacarat, red 2017, rare in limited quantities, a 100% Mourvèdre, an IGP Collines de la Moure, harvested by hand, aged for one year in oak barrels, a pleasure ... recommended during a warm moment during a family event, a wedding, a birthday...
The Kermès, 2015 red, GSM (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre), IGP Collines de la Moure, aged 1 year in oak barrels, an enigma, a mystery, robust and tasty ... a wine to keep, superb on dishes in sauce, try it on a macaronade!
Le Pétale de ciste, 2019, vin de France, Mourvèdre, vivacious and delicate, perfect with a fish with lemon zest or even with friends to start an evening.
L'Ametlièr, 2019, IGP Pays d'Oc, dry Muscat, if you taste it with your eyes closed, you will smell the vines in bloom, aromatic and lively, a delight with a tielle Sétoise, a tray of shells or even with a goat cheese.
Fleur de muscat, 2018, IGP Pays d'Oc, soft muscat and light in sugar, a small grain muscat, a silky, harmonious length in the mouth, happy marriage with melon, strawberries, or even a lamb tagine .

Oh!!! there is also a 2020 muscat grape juice, unfiltered, to be served very fresh for snacks, aperitifs for children and future mothers! A sweet!
I won't tell you more, I trust you to get to Stony Castle very quickly.
For those who live in the PACA region, contact me!
The Château de Stony is truly a rough diamond from Occitania, to discover!
I thank the Nodet family for their trust and I celebrate our partnership with a fabulous Nacarat!
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