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Beers with Honey made by Maël Scipion In English Please

The Gorges du Verdon, the lake of Sainte Croix, the earthenware of Moustiers Sainte Marie, the Bondil house ...
Today I present to you the honey beers produced by the Scipion family since the 1990s. La Mouss'Terrienne which bears its name aptly with an aerial foam, and this connection with the earth, flowers and bees ...
An amber beer and a lager beer ... to drink very cold ... a unique and different taste, a delight for the taste buds!
Maël is the descendant of the Scipion family who have lived since the end of the 1890s in the town of Moustiers.
A great-grandfather, a sheep breeder, a grandfather shepherd, beekeeper and writer, his father, beekeeper ... an ancestral know-how that has evolved over time to create, respecting nature and bees, the products of today!

In search of a unique and original craft beer, shortly after my meeting with the family of the butcher / charcuterie Bondil de Moustiers, I met Maël, beekeeper and brewer.
During our first meeting, he explained to me the ingredients of his honey beer, the sugar used for fermentation being the lavender honey produced by his bees. He also explained to me that sometimes the bees would forage on heather, rosemary ... which brings a different touch to each beer. Then I tasted his beers and I was won over. The blonde, a light and delicious mousse, a sweet taste, very fine bubbles, a length in the mouth, and the amber which has more body, a little more bitterness, which still remains delicate and just as pleasant as the blonde.
The base of its beers, its lavender honey which is so creamy that it is a pleasure to spread it every morning on local goat cheese slices ... a nod to my friends at the Chèvrerie du Bois d'Amon and the Faur Family and their Cairns farm in Seillans ... a good round of cow from the Escaillon farm will be just as good with this honey! A nod to Fabienne Varonne!
I still have to taste their honey lemonade and mead which was in production last week ... A production on a human scale, respectful of the environment.
Thank you Maël! Thanks to the bees!
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