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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the charcuterie come from?

The charcuterie comes from local butchers who work in reasoned or organic.

Where does the cheese come from?

The cheese comes from local farms.

What does reasoned mean?

Sustainable agriculture means that respect for the land and the animal are at the center of the activity.
The transition to organic farming is sometimes too expensive for some producers who do not have the means to respect organic specifications.

How are the Producers  selected?

I take the time to move around, to listen to their way of working, I attach great importance to the way the animals are treated.

Why choose the products that I have selected?

Through a descriptive sheet, you will have the possibility of discovering the selected product and making a purchase.
What motivates my choices is pleasure 
to share with you the still unknown marvels of the French terroir.

How to place an order ?

Via the shop that allows you to make payments online. The contact form for individuals or companies allows you to request a personalized quote.

Where do the products come from?

The wines come from the regions of France.
The other products come from Alpes-Maritimes and the PACA region.

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